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When the music for Parey Hut Love was released, people couldn’t stop raving about its mehndi-themed track Haye Dil Bechara, sung by Jimmy Khan. However, recent events have brought light to an allegation that the song might be inspired by a Spanish song Sofia by Alvaro Soler.

The trouble started when a Twitter user expressed her disappointment. “Haye Dil by Jimmy Khan is such a catchy song and I was wowed that Pakistanis came up with it…. Until a friend showed me the Spanish song they copied the tune off of. Great [sic]”.



She also shared a video of the Spanish song. Some aspects of the song do sound quite similar to Haye Dil including the chorus which has been sung exactly like in Sofia by Alvaro Soler. Understandably, this sparked a wave of disappointment among Pakistanis on Twitter.


Another Twitter user defended the song by pointing out how work has been copied in the music industry for a long time and it’s nothing shock-worthy.



We have reached out to Parey Hut Love director and lyricist of Haye Dil, Asim Raza and awaiting his response. Composer Azaan Sami Khan is also yet to make a comment. Until then decide for yourself. Do the two songs sound similar?

Listen to Sofia by Alvaro Soler here: