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With biopics becoming a staple in filmmaking all across the globe, there’s no surprise that they often become the most successful and controversial subjects to choose. Thus, when only recently the buzz was that Vidya Balan will play Indira Gandhi on the silver screen, our curiosity got the best of us about our very own stars and politicians and we thought of some names!

With a plethora of famous (read: infamous) political personalities in Pakistan, we wondered who would fit the bill perfectly if a biopic was made on the following…


Hina Dilpazeer as Shireen Mazari



Not only is she Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s most-blunt politician, but Shireen Mazari is also one of the most highly-educated leaders we have in the country. Thus, who wouldn’t want to play the role of this Columbia University graduate? According to us, however, only one person can play her perfectly, and that’s Hina Dilpazeer! Sharing the same candid personality and persona, we feel TV’s favourite Momo would be able to handle this role effortlessly!



Noman Ijaz as Asif Ali Zardari



He’s already proven that he can play the role of a patriarch with shows like Mera Saeen, but now Noman Ijaz has a chance to go a step further and play Pakistan’s infamous Mr. 10 percent! If there’s one actor whose fluidity in playing both antagonist and protagonist roles we can vouch for, it’s him!


Humaima Malick as Sharmila Faruqui




While there are quite a few divas in the Pakistani politics circuit – men and women alike – only a few stand out like Sharmila Faruqui does! Whether it’s her red carpet appearances or her enviable lifestyle, it’s hard to find such a politician anywhere else. Thus, if a biopic on her gets made, who better than Pakistani media’s very own Humaima Malick? We’re sure her glamourous avatar will turn some heads as Sharmila!


Shaan Shahid as Pervez Musharraf



There are hardly any people who are more controversial than both Pervez Musharraf and Shaan Shahid in their respective fields and being loudmouthed in their point of commonality. While the former army chief/president of Pakistan ruled the country with a tight fist, Shaan too tries his best to control what is left of Lollywood in a bid to hold onto power. The two don’t seem so different after all, do they?


Saba Qamar as Sherry Rehman



While one may have seen the tremendous acting prowess of Saba Qamar as a mimic on shows such as Hum Sub Umeed Se Hain, we’re sure she’ll make the perfect Sherry Rehman too. Apart from a resemblance to the politician, we’re sure Saba’s firebrand personality will fit Sherry quite impeccably in a biopic!


Ahmed Ali Butt as Nawaz Sharif




Call it absurd if you like, but we think no one would be able to play Nawaz Sharif as well as our very own Ahmed Ali Butt. Just give the comedian a cue (and a hair makeover) and we’re sure he’d manage ‘Mujhay Kyun Nikala?’ even better than Nawaz, himself! All you need is a trimmer and you’ve got yourself an ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan right in front.


Reema as Hina Rabbani Khar




Much like in politics, one also has to keep a calm demeanor in films to be successful. Thus, who else could we think of than Reema to play the calm and collected Hina Rabbani Khar on the big screen? Not only do both of them have a natural charisma, but both are glamour icons in their own right!


Hamza Ali Abbasi as Imran Khan




Now, you may think we cheated a bit here and went for the obvious choice, but hear us out! Not only is Hamza Ali Abbasi a mega Imran Khan fan, but we also felt that his passion towards his leader is so strong that he might just be the best fit for the biopic! Plus, he’ll make sure there are no item songs whatsoever in the film, all the while ranting about it on Facebook. Just the drama we need!


Mehwish Hayat as Benazir Bhutto



Apart from a surprisingly stark resemblance between the two, we feel that Mehwish Hayat could be the perfect Benazir Bhutto owing to her strong personality. Not only is the Punjab Nahi Jaungi actress a force to reckon with in front of the camera, but she’s always the first one to speak up on women rights! Now that’s what we would want to see in a biopic made on Pakistan’s first female Prime Minister!

Have a name to add to the list? Tell us in the comment section below!