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Everything that goes up must come down and there comes an unfortunate time in every celebrity’s career when nobody seems to care about them anymore, regardless of how hard they try. They quickly go from mainstream to off-stream, ready to be shipped to Has-Been Island where a famous person can peacefully cry themselves to sleep every night without being judged. But fear not our forgotten royals; we’re here to remind the world you all still exist, even if you’re no longer relevant…


Bilal khan

Bilal Khan was a real emerging star back in 2009. His debut album Umeed rocked out to tunes like ‘Bachana’ and ‘Toh Kya Hua’ which is ironic because that is exactly what we are asking now. Toh kya hua, bhai? We know that Bilal Khan will be making an appearance in drama serial Sammi so maybe, just maybe he’ll redeem himself from anonymity.



Natasha Hussain AKA Natty

It shouldn’t be a surprise to our readers that “Natty” has made it to our list of Has-Beens after she’s successfully managed to be hired just for the red carpet and never for the runway but let’s find the silver lining here. There might be a prequel to The Walking Dead.



Moammar Rana

Who doesn’t remember Moammar Rana, back in the day when he gave Shaan a run for his money (okay, almost) but now I think he just needs to go for a run. The only thing he got hired for in the last decade was closing for Amir Adnan at QHBCW last year and we’ll reserve our comments on that for the water cooler. Oh yeah, and that film he appeared in…what was its name?



Nadia Khan

Nadia Khan debuted in 1996 with her TV drama Pal Doh Pal and later went on to deliver more hits like Des Pardes and Bandhan, which won her the PTV best actress award in 1999. Her real calling however was her hit morning show, The Nadia Khan Show. It not only made her one of the biggest overnight sensations but later also made her a nobody once it was over. I guess not so happy to you Miss Nadia, not so happy to you.



Shaista Lodhi

Another morning show queen has made it to our list of Has-Beens. Miss Shaista is and will forever be known as everything that is wrong with Morning Show Mass TV, from getting Veena Malik married to finding herself a husband. All has been done on Geo Subha Pakistan. Where is she now? No really, we’re asking. We hear she’s appearing on drama serial Khan but okay, let’s wait and judge.



Veena Malik

There is probably nobody like Miss Veena and we say that cautiously. Not only can she be awarded to having no career, her morning show wedding also shut the entire show down and for that all we can give her is a slow clap. There was also an item number with some questionable outfits at some point in her career.




She might be the sweetheart of the country and the best pun for a joke since the invention of knock knock, but let’s face it, we’re all over her grammar and her pole dancing for admiration. Oh Meera, we’ll truly miss you the most.



Honey Waqar

Fashion truly is ruthless and who better to vouch for that than Honey Waqar, who disappeared after showing at an FPW finale. The divaesque designer from Lahore may have opened a standalone boutique and budged her way back into public eye but from what we see, she’s no longer relevant in the larger scheme of things.


Saba Ansari

Do you remember Saba Ansari? Of course you don’t, because she’s physically transformed more than we change our outfit on a fat day. All in good humor, but let’s “face” it…it’s over!