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Bilal Abbas Khan is a true performer and the audience has loved him in all the roles he has played so far. The actor who is currently impressing fans with his character (Haider), in currently airing drama Dunk recently revealed about his professional journey in an interview with Eastern Eye.

“I consider myself fortunate enough to have been given such great roles that I have enjoyed thoroughly,” he said addressing the amazing characters he has been able to play.

“For me, when one is playing a certain character, it’s essentially the beginning to live like that person for several months until you grow fondness for it along the way. All my characters are close to my heart and always will be.”

He also explained that he makes a conscious effort to choose and select roles that challenge him.

Bilal who was recently listed in the Top 50 Global Asian Stars went on to reveal that Wajih from Cheekh has been his most challenging character so far.



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“The most challenging character for me was Wajih from Cheekh as that role was quite the adventure. It required a lot of mental ability to absorb all that Wajih was meant to be, as he was a multi-dimensional character himself.”

The actor also revealed that he was obsessed with cinema while growing up. “I have always been that avid binge-watching young adult and must I add, I saw a lot of films! In fact, I’ve watched way too many in my days! Bollywood, South-Indian, Hollywood or any other international releases… Cinema is the reason why I’m an actor today.”

Bilal Abbas who previously appeared in Thora Jee Le (2017) has signed his next film titled Khel Khel Mein opposite Sajal Aly.