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The language of beauty is universal; though the definition may vary from person to person, it never goes unappreciated. Set up on the same ideals, Beyond Beautiful expo is going to be Pakistan’s first-ever show which will applaud the local beauty industry and also revolutionize the way society perceives beauty in general.

In connection to the same extravaganza, Catwalk Event Management & Productions brought about beauty and glamour under one roof as it hosted the first audition of their creative initiative: Beyond Beautiful (BB). The three-day exhibition-cum-conference, set to take place in Karachi at the end of this month (25th to 27th January, 2019), is a beauty hunt which provides a one-in-a-million opportunity to hit the jackpot of becoming the next face of the fashion world. The selected candidates of this quest will be walking the ramp at the main event.


Beyond Beautiful

Frieha Altaf and HSY


Chaired by notable names like ace couturier Hassan Sheheryar Yaseen, actor Zhalay Sarhadi and makeup aficionado Saba Ansari, under the supervision of Catwalk CEO, Frieha Altaf, the BB panel gave equal chances to individuals from all walks of life including singers, dancers and even a grandmother who decided to give it a shot. The BB team advocates that beauty exists beyond its conventional notions; it is open to diversity and thus three transgender models were also present to try their luck.

These registered candidates were then groomed and styled by N-Pro and N-Gents. Samiya Ansari helped every contestant to get an appropriate makeover and styling according to their personality. The last step was a photoshoot of all the models presented in front of the judges’ panel.

This was just the beginning as the first of its kind platform also promises to offer a one-stop solution for all of your beauty and trend needs. With custom hair and make-up shows, workshops and master classes, Beyond Beautiful has lot more in store for you.

You should chalk it into your calendar!