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Ali Xeeshan is one designer who knows his theatrics and the value of gimmickry. Each and every one of his collections does have a surprise up it’s sleeve and that is what people have come to expect from him. A straightforward collection from Ali Xeeshan would be as odd as an understated show from Karl Lagerfeld and we know what an oxymoron that is.


Xeeshan’s collection for the PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was everything we expected it to be and more; it was a befitting grand finale to a fashion week that rested on some very strong sartorial shoulders. But what was it about; who was the little boy in the pictures and on Ali Xeeshan’s shoulders and what was his Victory?


“I was a misfit in conventional academic system but didn’t give up,” Xeeshan explained. “And this finale was a victory for that little kid. The collection paid tribute to all those successful individuals who didn’t march to the beat of academic drums, in fact they marched to their own creative and intellectual drums. They created themselves. They created life.”


And who was the child?

“Oh, that was my nephew,” he chuckled.