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We last saw Kanwal on her way to becoming a social media sensation, and with Episode 17, her saga continues. The latest viral video to surface on television and the internet is of Kanwal’s singing audition, where unknowingly she ended up making a complete fool of herself. When she sees herself on screen and understands how this will be used to her disadvantage, Kanwal is clearly and naturally upset. She continues to fight back with her Facebook comments as well as videos in retaliation to what the public says.

However, what upsets her more is when she speaks to her younger sister and finds out about the struggle her family is facing back home. Her father’s work is dwindling, her elder brother has walked out on the family and her younger brother has dropped out of school because they were unable to pay his tuition fees. Though Kanwal herself is struggling to make ends meet, she is adamant on helping them out.

When she goes to the bank to send a money order home she ends up misplacing her envelope of money and in steps Osman Khalid Butt, the debonair Sheheryar, all angelic and prince like. He sees her in distress, quickly whips out some money for her to transfer and slips away into the day. Kanwal tries to catch him, unwilling to accept his money, but is unable to do so.

Next we see Sheheryar at home, sitting next to his mother, who coincidentally shows him the video of Kanwal’s audition. He instantly recognizes her and is quite upset with the situation, so the question arises: what role will Sheheryar play in Kanwal’s life? Will he be her savior, who stands by in times of distress? From the looks of it, he will be that and much more. Kanwal is in need of some love and companionship and it looks like Sheheryar might just be the answer to her woes. Osman Khalid Butt has aced the knight in shining armour role, and it’s easy to find ourselves also banking on him to be the ray of hope that Kanwal desperately needs. Hopefully the next episode will show more of that!

Baaghi continues to show the deeper side of a misjudged individual, proving yet again why one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Every individual goes through an internal struggle, and the show puts importance on how harsh society can be, the power social media has to change lives and how easily it can be used for the wrong reasons. Nevertheless, as scandalous as Kanwal’s life is to the gossip-mongering public, on a personal level it is quite inspirational!

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