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One of the most impactful episodes yet, Baaghi takes an interesting turn with its latest episode.

After being violent with their younger sister for not covering her hair in public, Fauzia’s younger crude brother starts questioning Fauzia’s means of income, which hits home. In a powerful string of dialogues, Fauzia is quick to question the ‘shame’ men feel when the women of their house are commented on. She rightfully points out how both brothers are comfortably living off her earnings, and only question her source of apparently ‘haraam’ income when it feels convenient for them. Saba Qamar’s emotions and dialogue delivery is applaudable in this impactful scene.

It should also be noticed how Fauzia’s parents and sister have somewhat adapted to the urban lifestyle and gotten more progressive with time, but her younger brother still holds an intolerant mindset. Another interesting thought that arose in this episode was how Fauzia seems to have moved on from her dream to become a star, and has moved her focus on providing for her family.

Of course the focal point of this episode was Fauzia’s acceptance of Sheheryar’s proposal after all these years. The two are in a happy place and Sheheryar’s mother accepts her with open arms. While the whole scene makes for as sweet moment, there is an air of impending doom, as deep inside we know this will not work out in Fauzia’s favour. After all, there is too much about her life that she has not revealed to Sheheryar, and how can she base this relationship on a bed of lies?

Hence, the teaser for the next episode shows how the ticking bomb finally explodes as the media finds out about Kanwal Baloch’s dual life. We see her family in shock, and Sheheryar angered by the lies they have been fed by Fauzia for all these years. Episode 26 is definitely going to pick up the pace of the show further.