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By now, it’s evident that Fauzia Batool’s life isn’t going to get any easier for her. However, despite everything consistently going from bad to worse for her, the light and warmth of her heart still shines bright and shows the true side of who she really is. But for how long can Fauzia take the unfair torment?

This episode, we find Fauzia battling demons of all kinds – inner and those who make her life hell on earth – as she comes to term with the evilness that lives in her world. In the beginning of the episode, we find her being taken advantage of by the police, and naturally, she goes through the trauma as life beats her down once again.

During all of this, Fauzia’s relationship with Sheheryar takes a toll too, as she cannot deal with his obsessing affection for her. One can see the pain she feels in rejecting his love, but truly, only she knows about the problems she sees in front of her.

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The troubling part of this episode, however, is how easily Fauzia is used as a pawn in the dirty game people play with her. Be it her brother using her for yet another way to embezzle money out of her, or the world, where she can’t catch a break, the society uses patriarchy as a tool against everything she does. Like a double-edged sword, even the betterment of her family is turned against her.

In pain, however, Fauzia does find a silver lining. By the end of the episode, we find her finally getting an opportunity to see her son, as she makes her way back to her village. Will this usher in a few peaceful days for her or only lead to worse times and her untimely tragic fate?

One does feel that these are the final few steps in the story of Fauzia. However, what’s been remarkable in this show and Fauzia’s life has to be the fact how she takes things with positivity. One must also give credit to Saba Qamar in creating an brilliant aura around Qandeel, who most of us didn’t pay heed to while she was alive. Breaking hearts and raw emotions make this episode truly heartfelt.