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With Fauzia’s siblings all grown up, it sadly marks the beginning of her end in Baaghi. By now, her life has seen major changes, but none of them seem to bode well for her as her life goes towards a downward spiral.

Essaying Fauzia’s success in the years that have passed, we see a stark contrast in her life where her isolation seems to be getting the best of her. Although a long time has passed, her career and social media stardom are unknown to her family. Keeping this in mind, Fauzia keeps her loved ones at bay.

Having said that, what isn’t going easy for her, gives her the strength that makes her Kanwal Baloch. In the true sense of the word ‘heroine’, Saba Qamar brilliantly plays the character and makes one feel empathetic towards the slain social media star.

In this episode too, we see glimpses of Sheheryar as time has healed his wounds – except his obsession with Kanwal – and he focuses on his work. On the flipside, we find Fauzia yearning for love in her loneliness, and it does feel there’s a certain regret in her life. However, knowing her thirst for life and growing popularity, she keeps a positive outlook.

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Through Baaghi, one can see the true face of Qandeel Baloch, which often remained hidden behind the mask she had on her lifestyle, and that’s where the show must be commended. However, much like how she was in reality, Fauzia in the show also has weaknesses in her valiance too.

Despite her brave face and demeanor, by now, we all know there’s one thing Fauzia doesn’t like, and that’s disrespect of her parents. So, naturally, when we find her two brothers being incompetent, continuously threatening their father and extorting money from Fauzia, we see her speaking up.

This, as one can guess, will not end well for the Baaghi that is Fauzia. However, that is what gives her strength and that’s what we truly admire in her. What will she do next? That’s something only time will tell…