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Leave it to the desi’s to get riled up about songs.

According to reports, when Atif Aslam took to the stage at the Pakistan Independence Day parade in New York, he was requested to sing a famous Bollywood track ‘Tera Hone Laga Hoon.’ However, all hell broke loose when the singer’s hit song caused a furor amongst patriotic Pakistanis, who considered this to be an ‘inappropriate’ song to choose for the day.

While people were quick to comment on the singer’s choice, a few other singers present at the parade also supported Atif.  Renowned singer Muhammad Ali Sheikhi amongst them commented on the oversight.


“Often we are requested to sing one of our songs. I think Atif may have done that, not realising whether the song was made in India or Pakistan” he told a Pakistani TV channel.

Shafqat Amanat Ali too supported the singer and criticised the backlash against Atif.

“I stand in support with [Atif Aslam] for singing his songs at the parade. Music is not Indian or Pakistani,” he Tweeted. “It is just music! Singers are synonymous with their songs which are loved equally by fans from every country. Should have briefed him if they wanted national songs.”

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