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Following the success of Kadi Te Hans for Velo Sound Station, Atif Aslam recently performed at the PSL opening ceremony, however, his performance failed to leave a lasting impression. But disappointed fans should rejoice as the singer is back with an original song titled Raat that is dedicated to the beauty and mystery of the night.

Composed and sung by Atif, the lyrics of the song have been penned by Munir Niazi and the signer himself. The video has been artistically directed by Yasir Jaswal and also features actors Gohar Rasheed, Mansha Pasha, Syra Yousuf, Kiran Malik and Khalid Malik.

The video opens with talk show host, Khalid Malik introducing Atif Aslam as ‘Asif ‘Aslam who happens to be playing an up and coming artist in the story.

While singers usually dedicate their songs to love and passion, Atif has dedicated his latest song to the love and mystery surrounding the night. Upon being questioned by the host about the theme of the song, Atif states that he’s in love with the night.



Simultaneously, the video features Atif in multiple universes differentiated by code names. First, we are introduced to Atif as a young musician, dancing and singing to a crowd where he shares some playful chemistry with Kiran Malik’s character.

Another universe features Atif as a superstar shooting opposite Syra Yousuf, while in the succeeding dimension, we see the Aadat singer in an argument with hsi wife, played by Mansha Pasha, while driving. The couple is involved in a heated argument while their child observes from the backseat. The scene ends with an accident caused by the chaos in the car.

In the final universe, we see that the singer is killed during the night by a robber, played by Gohar Rasheed. The two wrestle, which results in Atif being shot and left alone on the road to die.

Raat is a melodious track that highlights the mystery that the night holds and the secrets that it hides. “The night is as beautiful as it is mysterious,” states the tagline of the song. The more you listen to the song, the more it grows on you.

Watch the complete song below: