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Parey Hut Love — which features Maya Ali, Sheheryar Munawar, Ahmad Ali Butt and Zara Noor Abbas in lead roles with Mahira Khan making a very special appearance in the film — is scheduled to be released on Eid ul Azha next year. In a recent interview with Something Haute, Humayun Saeed had revealed that his next film titled Love you Jatta will also come out on Eid ul Azha.

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Humayun’s film hasn’t even gone on the floors yet though and Asim has already wrapped up shooting his, so we can’t be absolutely sure whether or not there will be a clash. However, even this year there were several films that got released simultaneously on both Eids; most notably JPNA2, Parwaz Hai Junoon and Load Wedding which came out on Eidul Azha. This clash led Load Wedding director Nabeel Qureshi to publicly claim his film was being sabotaged.

We spoke to director Asim Raza on this matter during the wrap up party of his film Parey Hut Love. “None of us have earned Eid in patrimony. We announced our release date when we started shooting, eight months ago. And after that, time and again, we have reminded people of that. Today again (through the wrap up party), we are telling people that we have progressed to a stage where we have wrapped up our film and now we are just left with post production,” he said in an exclusive chat with Something Haute.

“So all of us need to work together. If a person has announced their film, and we can see they are progressing as well, then the other person needs to take the backseat. Let’s not be stubborn about it. ‘He’s coming out on Eid ul Azha so I must too,’ or ‘I always come on Eid ul Azha’; as I said none of us have earned Eid in patrimony,” Asim added.

He also said that with his last film Ho Mann Jahan, even though he was planning to release it on Eid ul Azha but since at that time Humayun was ready with his film Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, he decided to push it ahead. Asim also said that he would have happily moved his film this time too but the storyline is such that Parey Hut Love would make for a more befitting Eid release.

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