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Are you thinking what we were thinking? Well… yes, we are talking about Arslan Naseer of Comics by Arslan fame who has given us hilarious parody videos, reviews and comic sketches. The man of many talents is soon going to make his acting debut in Danish Nawaz’s upcoming comedy play.

Arslan and Mira Sethi both posted a picture on their social media revealing the cast and that it will air on Hum TV.

“My first TV project as an actor and that too with these amazing people! (a few missing though) Coming soon, stay tuned guys,” Arslan wrote.




“A very funny and very dysfunctional family — is there another kind? Coming very soon to a very isolated screen near you,” Mira wrote taking a jibe at the threat of coronavirus.

Currently untitled, the comedy play will air during Ramadan as revealed by Mira in a podcast with Mooroo. The actress also spilled the beans on few more details.

“Ali Safina is playing my husband in the drama. He is hilarious and a cutie patootie. Uzma Baig is playing the character of a dadi,” she said.

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Talking about Osman Khalid Butt, who we suspected is playing her brother here, she was all praises.

“I’m playing Osman Khalid Butt’s twin sister in the play. He has his own track; the central track is his but I’m his twin sister who is meddling, crass and dominating,” she said adding, “Obi is so great, he is woke but in a very real sense, he’s not the fake woke. It’s like if you scratch the surface, you won’t get somebody who has deep dark thoughts that are actually not progressive, he’s genuinely progressive. For Obi, I’ll say that thank God more educated heroes are entering the industry. He’s one of those, he is very good at his work.”

“I am working with him for the first time and he’s a sweetheart. I get him and he gets me and there’s a real rapport,” Mira added.

While much has not been revealed about how Arslan will be a part of this story, we are certainly excited to find out how his comic antics and an eye for detail will be utilized in this drama serial alongside Osman and Mira who have both aced parody in YouTube videos.

Keep watching Something Haute videos for more updates as you are in for a surprise!