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Do you struggle with monthly wax appointments? Has shaving your arms and legs made your skin as tough as a rhino’s hide, which breaks out in stubbles as regrowth occurs? If you’re like most girls we know (including us) then you’re probably also suffering ingrown hair and erratic growth, which never allows you to have the kind of silky smooth feeling that Katrina Kaif flaunts in her Veet ads. We have to say that hair removal creams have never been an ideal option either.

How many of you have considered laser hair removal as an option and if not, then what’s stopping you?

Around three months ago I chanced upon Dr Tasneem Nakhoda’s clinic in Karachi; this was after several very successful sessions at another clinic, which was effective but also very expensive. I had already gotten my upper lip and arms treated there but now, to move on, I needed a more affordable and yet equally credible option and Dr Nakhoda’s Lasersoft clinic came highly recommended from a friend. One visit and one session on my legs and I was convinced that I had made the right decision. I called Dr Nakhoda’s daughter, Azeemah (who’s also got certification and has been working with her mother for years), hoping to find some myth busters on laser hair removal treatment.


Is there an ideal age to begin laser hair removal?

“Most doctors recommend you begin at 17 or 18 but I started at a very early age (almost 14),” she informed, “and because of that I have no pigmentation.” She referred to the way skin subjected to years of shaving or waxing (like the upper lip or underarm) turns dark.

Are there any adverse effects of laser hair removal?

Azeemah explained how the laser barely permeated the skin surface, targeting the hair follicle, and therefore could not create any damage. That said, she reiterated, it is important to have a qualified administrator. Laser hair removal is not a salon service and one laser does not suit everyone. “The type of laser required and the frequency given needs to be customized according to the patient,” she said. Incorrect laser or frequency of course could lead to scarring, burning or other unforeseen skin problems so it is very important that you go to a qualified person. The doctors, dermatologists and medical aestheticians at Lasersoft all had at least 15 years experience each, which reassured me that I was in good hands.

My next question…

Is there anyone you wouldn’t recommend laser hair removal to?

  1. Women with white hair. Unfortunately the laser targeted the pigment in the hair, which is why blond or white hair was not effected.
  2. Women with severe hormonal issues, such as post menopausal hormones, were not advised to get the treatment because the changing anatomy could cause a regeneration of follicle growth, making the treatment ineffective.
  3. Pregnant women. While laser itself is safe it hasn’t been tested on pregnant women (why take the risk) plus, the fluctuating hormones during pregnancy could lead to regrowth.
  4. Women were advised not to laser their eyebrows because trends change and you don’t want to be stuck with something you’ll want to change next year.
  5. Areas suffering open wounds.
  6. Tattooed areas.
  7. It isn’t recommended to get laser after a beach holiday. Tanned skin can scar easily.

I have to say that I am enjoying my visits at Lasersoft. Not only are the doctors experienced and pleasant but the waiting is minimum (I make sure I book the 10:30am appointment to avoid waiting) and best of all, I’m paying a fraction of what I was at my previous clinic. I’ve had two sessions on my legs and the results are so amazing that not only would I recommend it to everyone but I’ll be looking into other skin treatments too. People tell me I have pretty good skin, which I guess I do, but age is quite cruel and a spot of non-invasive skin tightening does sound good.

Share your laser hair removal experiences here and feel free to ask any questions you have; we’ll get the experts to respond!

PS. This is not a paid post!