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As February draws closer, we gear up to welcome the most random alternatives for Valentine’s Day in relation to moral appropriateness done right. One such example is Faisalabad University’s announcement of Annual Sisters Day, to be celebrated on February 14. Yes, you read it right! The varsity will commemorate the day in order to promote ‘respect for women’.

This prompted us to make a crazy list of unofficial days that go way beyond the customary ones and are very much relevant to Pakistani society’s popular culture. If you are game for some fun and quirky celebrations, then this playful list is just the thing for you.


Mard Bano Day



Some of you might contest that we should not dedicate another day to men, considering Pakistani society is already run by patriarchal mindsets. But here’s the fun part: ‘Mard Bano Day’ will be all about what it ‘actually’ takes to be a man, disregarding every age-old conservative ideal. It will be a day when a man can cry publicly without being termed effeminate and when a man’s honour is not associated to the nobility of the women around him. Moreover, when heating your food, ironing you clothes, changing diapers and washing dishes will not be considered undignified tasks for men. We wonder how many ‘real men’ can live up to this.


Annual Bahu Day



This is a day when the whole country does role reversal. Can we expect mothers-in-law to step into their daughters-in-law shoes and vice versa? It will be a great opportunity for both the parties to realize their shortcomings. Also, it would be a treat to watch men get into the mood and place themselves as ‘bahus’ and less as ‘damaads’ for a day.

Annual Bhai Day



Why not devote a day to all the guys who were either friendzoned or endured unrequited love. On this day, young girls get to declare their ex-boyfriends (and/or stalkers) as ‘bhai’. It can also go the other way around which will certainly open another Pandora’s Box. This can also be called the Annual Nakaam Aashiq Day.


Rishta Aunty Day



Rishta aunties are undoubtedly a frightening part and parcel of Pakistani culture. Of course, we don’t want to celebrate their evil ways of fixing marriages and meddling into other peoples’ businesses but we surely want to acknowledge all their hard work in match-making, many attempts of which are very successful.


Annual Blame Game Day



Blame game is like our national sport so imagine the joy of celebrating such a day! The devious ones will have a field day when allowed to blame anyone for their goof ups. Parents, girlfriends, boyfriends, siblings, bosses, couples and friends all confused what’s right and what’s wrong… it’s definitely going to be a blast!

Which one out of these would you want to celebrate?