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A delicate blush of pastel colours are the strength of Ammara Khan’s summer 2018 ready to wear collection. Titled Young Love, this collection is devoid of any print or visual obstruction and the gentle colours flow as elegantly as a wash of water colours on a canvas of lightweight, breathable fabrics.

“I was working on my print line since December and I just felt that I needed a palette cleanser,” Ammara Khan, the designer explained the concept that led to Young Love. “I’m an understated person so this was very exciting for me. I would say that I designed this collection purely for myself.”



The best collections are those that are a manifestation of the designer creating them, which is what makes Ammara Khan’s ‘Young Love’ so strong.


Ammara Khan, known for being uncompromising when it comes to quality, has used beautiful summer colours and fabrics in this collection of occasion wear. You’ll find lightweight Korean, Malaysian and Chinese cottons, Irish linen and even net and tulle in the detailing.

“We’ve made sure everything feels good on the skin, which is so important in summer,” the designer explained. “The collection has gentle embroidery and lots of lace. There will be a lot of lace even in our (upcoming) print line. It’s easy on the eyes and is delicate and floral,” she elaborated.



You’ll see lots of lacey details in this collection

It’s definitely occasion wear that encourages people to wear cotton formally. And the price range, which starts at 5000 and goes up to 18,000 for the hand embroidered pieces, makes it even more desirable. Young Love is a limited edition collection that went online over the weekend and got an overwhelming response.

Check out the full collection on the website:



‘Young Love’ is a limited edition collection

We especially love the detailed white pants (ideal for formal summer wear) and the interesting detailing on the sleeves in various styles!