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A few weeks ago, veteran actor Amitabh Bachchan’s only daughter Shweta Bachchan-Nanda was in the news for making her acting debut opposite her father in a jewelry ad by Kalyan Jewellers. The ad finally released yesterday and since then, has become a part of an impending storm, which even they didn’t know would hit!

According to reports, All India Bank Officers’ Confederation threatened to sue Kalyan Jewellers, accusing them of  ‘casting aspersion and hurting the sentiments of millions of personnel’ through the advert.

Kalyan Jewellers rejected the allegation, terming it as “pure fiction.” They further went out to point that they in no way intended to portray bankers in bad light or bank offices at large.”

The advert features Bachchan as an old man and Shweta Bachchan Nanda as his daughter, keeping the equation real of the two. He is shown as a man of integrity displaying courage in speaking up against dishonesty, which is rare to find. In the ad’s narrative, he is accompanied by his daughter to inform the bank of the extra money credited in his pension account, where he then goes through a bitter encounter with the bank employees.

The ad was seen as a ‘direct hit’ by many in the Indian banking and finance industry and has since then become the talk of the Twitter town.

On the flipside, Sr. Bachchan seemed over the moon when the ad released and didn’t miss a chance to tweet his sentiments.

Watch the ad and let us know if the backlash makes sense to you!