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A 22-year-old beautician, Sophia Hammani, has claimed that she had a one-night stand with boxer Amir Khan after meeting him in a nightclub earlier this month. According to a report in The Sun, the incident took place on May 11, just 17 days after the birth of Amir’s second child.

“What a f***ing a**hole. He makes me sick. I cannot believe this man,” she told The Sun, adding that she was under the impression that Amir had divorced his wife. She also revealed that the former World Champion left her just £20 for a cab to her home, eight miles away on the opposite side of London.

Only after returning to her flat did she make the shocking discovery that the sportsman was still married to Faryal . And that he had just become a father for the second time. Sophia said she found out the truth when she saw a family photo he posted on Instagram with a caption that said they were about to jet off to Pakistan to celebrate Ramazan.


“He slept with me and his wife had just given birth. I nearly threw up when I saw they were still together. I felt so used,” Sophia said, adding that she feels sorry for his wife. “That must be every wife’s nightmare. That poor woman. She needs to bin him off once and for all. Surely this is unforgivable?”



Sophia said that she didn’t know Amir had reunited with his wife after the pair split up last August. “I’d heard of him before because I remember my mum mentioning a while back when there was a massive thing about him getting divorced.”

The former boxing champion has a long history of such incidents as several women have, in the past, claimed he had an affair with them while he was still married to Faryal.