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There are few names in Pakistan’s fashion industry that enjoy the stature and stability associated with Amir Adnan. From designing for heads of states to a diverse cross-section of men across the country, the brand continues to enjoy success and popularity in Pakistan. Now, the designer has taken his vision further, on a global scale, with the premiere of Hollywood’s much-awaited superhero film, Black Panther. It’s a wow moment!

The cultural diversity on the Black Panther premiere red carpet was picked up by GQ, and we quote:

“Sometimes, you get a red carpet that just explodes and reconfigures everything you thought you knew about celebrity style. Last night’s Black Panther premiere in Los Angeles was the latter. You don’t have to be into fashion to see that these guys killed it on the red carpet. You don’t have to be a movie buff to feel the energy behind this culturally overdue, hugely expensive, star-studded movie. Black Panther, Marvel’s first black superhero film, is “whoa, that was awesome” from every darn angle—including, it seems, the stuff the real-life guys are wearing to celebrate it.”

One of the awesome things on the red carpet was an Amir Adnan sherwani!

Hollywood actor Carmyn B. Howard wore a classic, glitzy Amir Adnan sherwani (which he called a ‘couture coat’) to the red carpet.

Hoping for some insight, we spoke to the designer to find out how he feels about getting his sherwani from Karachi to LA.

“I am happy that my design is appreciated. This just goes to show you that if a sherwani is well designed, it can be worn by anyone, anywhere,” Amir said. “This isn’t the first Hollywood actor to be wearing Amir Adnan, however.”

Previously, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and Dr. Jawad – of Saving Face fame – have also worn Amir Adnan at Hollywood premieres and awards.

“If you design something beautiful it can be appreciated anywhere, regardless,” Amir added. “It’s just a translation of the craft.”

With the number of choices available to Hollywood stars, this surely is an achievement for the Pakistani designer. Now, isn’t that something to be proud of?