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While the whole world is shocked and angered by America’s decision to bring Donald Trump to power, it seems as though everyone in Hollywood is against Trump. Especially Lady Gaga, who staged a one man protest outside the Trump Tower with a sign that said ‘Love Trumps Hate’. Goes to show that all the power and influence of pop icons and celebrities couldn’t change the course of this election, which is also saying something. Stars took to Twitter to express their outrage, and embarrassment, regarding this decision and we can’t say we disagree with any of them.


Lady Gaga even took to Twitter:

Lady Gaga








Lindsay Lohan thought on the lines of Imran Khan and demanded a recount:



Captain America star Chris Evans was embarrassed:



Cher also expressed her disappointment:



However, Katy Perry refused to be sad, choosing to motivate her followers instead:

Katy Perry


Thankfully, John Legend was his usual witty self:

John Legend


And Snoop Dogg expressed his grief on Instagram:

Snoop dogg