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After entertaining the audiences for two decades, popular PTV show, Alif Noon is all set to be remade as a feature film starring Shehzad Roy and Faisal Qureshi.

According to Instep, Faisal has penned the script for the remake which has turned it into a feature-length film. He will also be playing the role of Nanna, whereas seasoned musician Shehzad Roy will mark his cinematic debut with the film, taking on the character of Allan.

“Film is a medium where there’s music, there can be social commentary, you can make people laugh and entertain them at the same time, all of which, without being preachy,” Shehzad Roy told Instep on his shift to acting. “Alif Noon happens to be Faisal and my personal favourite and there’s some natural alliance because (for its time), it was a social commentary as well. It was definitely a big challenge for us, but the way it’s been thought and conceived, I hope it leaves an impact.”

The singer also spoke about how he’s going to play Allan, which was meticulously done by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi.

“I met with Kamal Sahab’s wife, Ishrat after the rights (to remake the series) had been acquired from PTV. She gave me a very interesting book, which Kamal Sahab had written himself,” the singer said. “She’s also writing a book on Kamal Sahab’s life, which we’ll try to launch nearer to the film’s release. And I keep asking her what kind of a person he was off-screen, what his lifestyle was like. I’ve also met his family, so the research bit is very interesting,”

Meanwhile, Faisal spoke about how the film will have differences from the original PTV show.

“It’s not the same 70s’ Alif Noon; it’s a new take, with a modern twist,” the actor said. ” And since it’s a film and not a TV series, it will have a different style of storytelling. I think it was also important to make it now because the issues of those times are ironically still current and relatable to the new generation.”

Reportedly, the satirical comedy film will be shot in Bangkok and is slated for an Eid-ul-Azha 2019 release.