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The COVID-19 pandemic was quickly transformed into an economic and labour market crisis which resulted in thousands of people losing their jobs and income. This Labour Day, to honour the labour workforce who are facing extreme economic hardships during the coronavirus pandemic, Ali Zafar paid a tribute to their dedication and indomitable spirit through his latest song, Hum Mazdoor.

“As we celebrate the labour that built up this great land from field to field, desk to desk, and hand in hand we must not forget the role of women whose struggle against odds is a source of inspiration for all,” the singer turned actor shared.



The video opens by highlighting a very important fact that the labour force is going to miss the traditional fanfare this year due to the coronavirus lockdown. It also acknowledged that this year, Labour Day is going to be different as situations like this have never been faced before.



The tribute has been produced and performed by Ali Zafar and directed by Ahsan Asghar along with Ahmad Masood. The poetry and composition are by Rehman Faris and music by Hassan Badshah.

Hum Mazdoor is a powerful song that leaves a great impact and the music video especially highlights the role of female labourers in the country’s economic development. Ali’s effort to honour the struggles and gains made by workers and labourers on International Labour Day is indeed a commendable gesture.

Watch the complete song here: