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After Laila-O-Laila for Balochistan, this time Ali Zafar and Urooj Fatima have teamed up with Abid Brohi to produce the famous Sindhi cultural song Allay to display their love and admiration for Sindh.

The song aims to preserve Sindhi cultural heritage by highlighting the need to give Ajrak craftsmen their due and promote Sindhi culture and heritage all over the globe.

“Here is it! For all my Sindhi brothers & sisters and the artisans of #Ajrak. We all need to work together in preserving & promoting our Sindhi cultural heritage. Make it a trend for Sindh!” wrote the rockstar as he shared the video on Twitter and requested his fans to make it viral for Sindhi Culture Day 2020 as a tribute to the province.

The day is annually celebrated in Sindh on the first Sunday of December and through this effort, Ali Zafar manages to win the fans once again. The dance steps and beat of the song are definitely contagious!

Highlighting the cultural craft and finding representation in a 13-year-old girl along with a young rapper with big dreams has truly resulted in a great collaboration. Fans are already excited for the next regional song featuring Ali and his infectious energy.

If his tweet is to be believed, Pashtun brothers and sisters are surely up for a treat next! It’s truly beautiful how the singer has been recently mixing Pakistani culture with his music.



Watch Allay (Munja Mar Wara) featuring Ali Zafar along with Urooj Fatima & Abid Brohi here: