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One of Pakistan’s most celebrated musicians, Ali Sethi has continued to garner both commercial and critical appreciation. From his popular rendition of Chan Kithan to his first original song Mahi Mera in 2016, he is one of the few local singers who is always applauded for his unique singing style and compositions.

His latest track Dil Lagaayein — the video for which has been directed by Umar Riaz — adds to a long list of popular songs. A tune that exudes ’70s music vibe; it is Ali’s collaboration with Noah Georgeson who has produced as well as mixed the track while the video features Laal Kabootar‘s producer Kamil Chima and model Rehmat Ajmal in lead roles.

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The metaphorical video explores many facets of human life by highlighting the protagonist’s relationships and the quality time he has spent with his loved ones. The narrative is open to several interpretations and we want to know what you think it is about: