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Ali Sethi is a powerhouse of talent and he has mastered the art of storytelling through his craft. After releasing a soulful EDM rendition of Mere Aur Hein Iraaday and mesmerizing his fans, he has recently announced that he will be making music and doing the narration for Jungle Nama taking their excitement to a whole new level.

Jungle Nama is Amitav Ghosh’s verse adaptation of an episode from the legend of Bon Bibi, a tale widely known in the villages of the Sundarban. Ali’s narration will surely add depth to the folk tale and the author is equally excited for the collaboration.

“Delighted to announce that the amazing writer/singer Ali Sethi will be doing the music and narration for the audio version of ‘Jungle Nama’!” wrote Amitav Gosh.

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“So thrilled to make the music for #junglenama with Amitav Ghosh and Salman Toor — a ragamala in the sundarban — can’t wait for you to see/hear the final thing!” he shared the news on Instagram.



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“It is the story of the avaricious rich merchant Dhona, the poor lad Dukhey, and his mother; it is also the story of Dokkhin Rai, a mighty spirit who appears to humans as a tiger, of Bon Bibi, the benign goddess of the forest, and her warrior brother Shah Jongoli,” states the official description of Jungle Nama.

Jungle Nama is the first-ever book in verse by Amitav Gosh that evokes the wonder of the Sundarban through its poetry. The powerful narrative is accompanied by striking artwork by famous artist Salman Toor.