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Saqib Malik’s directorial debut for the big screen, Baaji, is a social drama-cum-thriller set against the backdrop of a fading Lollywood industry and the emerging new order of the Pakistani cinema. Subsequently, the cast is a mix and match of senior actors and young talent.

While we were excited to see Meera in the lead, Ali Saleem will also be reprising his iconic character Begum Nawazish Ali in a cameo. Talking exclusively to Something Haute, Ali revealed that this is his first cameo role in films.

“I have done a film with Reema – Love Mein Ghum – and also Wajood with Javed Sheikh saab. I had full characters in both of these films but it’s my cameo appearance for the first time in Baaji,” he said.

“I will be in my Begum Nawazish  Ali avatar in a talk show. My role is very crucial to the storyline as it contributes to the turning point of the film,” Ali added.



Ali Saleem with Meera


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Speaking about his camaraderie with Meera and the director, Ali said, “Meera is a dear old friend and so is Saqib Malik. I always wanted to work with him and it was an amazing experience as he is very particular about everything from production to the environment on set. Saqib would never compromise on anything; he will take 20 retakes of the same shot but he makes sure he gets the best out of each of us,” he said.

So what should we expect from Begum this time?

“Well… I definitely look really hot in the film,” Ali said laughing and added, “Baaji is full of surprises; it has unpredictable twists and turns so it will be a great roller coaster ride to hop on.”