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Drama viewers have recently got acquainted with a couple of new and interesting onscreen pairings. The latest addition to the list of fresh pairs is Ali Rehman Khan and Madiha Imam; both the actors have done some noteworthy projects in the past and this is the first time the audience will get to see them together on a TV screen.

Ali and Madiha have signed a new drama, tentatively titled Safar Tamaam Huwa for HUM TV. The project is being directed by Shehrazade Sheikh, the director of Muqaddar. Speaking exclusively to Something Haute, the lead couple shared details regarding their upcoming collaboration.

“Well, I really enjoyed the script and how it’s woven,” said Ali Rehman when asked why he signed this particular project. He was last seen on television in 2019 in Bewafa and Khaas.

“It’s not your typical family drama, which is very hard to come across these days. I also have always wanted to work with Sheherzade Sheikh so it was really my luck that she was helming this project. The fact that I have amazing actors like Madiha Imam, Syed Jibran, and Maha Hassan alongside makes it such a treat,” he further added.



“It is a family drama with a bit of suspense about these five characters whose lives are changed forever following one incident. Which in turn ripples that they can never return from,” Ali shared about the plot adding that he plays a very sweet character for a change. “My character is a very sweet, kind hearted guy whose life is suddenly changed when all odds are stacked against him.”

Actors Ali Rehman Khan, Madiha Imam, and Syed Jibran play first cousins in the upcoming drama.

Co-actor Madiha is equally excited for the drama and calls the script ‘unconventional’.  “The story revolves around my character’s family. It has a little bit of a thriller, romantic, family drama feel to it,” she said adding that she is playing a compassionate young girl. “My character is of any ordinary girl who has a spine; believes in herself and is compassionate.”



“Ali’s way of performing is different than the rest of the actors I have worked with in the past. It’s refreshing and fun – we are still in the process of completing the shoot. So, so far so good,” shared Madiha when asked how her experience working with the new costar has been so far.

Penned by Rahat Jabeen, the drama is being produced by MD Productions. The cast also includes Samina Ahmed and Saife Hassan among others.  Safar Tamaam Huwa is expected to go on air early next year.