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Popular Pakistani rapper and stand-up comedian, Ali Gul Pir has continually managed to entertain the masses with his original and promising content. Whether it is a quirky interview show like, Ghareeb aur Badtameez or his comedy songs like Waderay Ka Beta, the artist has made a strong impression in the local comedy industry. Ali’s forte is to take socially and politically relevant events and give them a comic spin.

The artist has now released a new single, Sab Ki Bajao in the wake of the recent protests that erupted throughout the country as a result of the Supreme Court’s decision of acquitting Asia Bibi from a blasphemy case.

The song brings forth a refreshing take on how violent protestors destroy cars, buses and private properties of innocent citizens in the wake of any upheaval. Featured in the video, an angry protestor (played by the singer) hands out wooden sticks to random men, provoking them to cause violence and disruption in the city.

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Amidst recent protests in the country, a video went viral on social media in which an angry mob was seen stealing banana bunches from a young boy’s cart. The satirical music video has recreated the scenario; while the singer is seen dancing on top of the cart, the rest of the men are busy stealing fruits and demolishing the public and private property. The lyrics say “apna tou kaam hai garmi nikaalna, iska ghussa us pe utaarna, bus jalaana.

As an angry gang approaches a car to destroy it, the ace-comedian steps up to stop them by saying that it is his car and they should destroy someone else’s car parked across the street and drives off.


The song intends to enlighten indifferent people who in the name of a protest, cause serious damage to livelihoods of others depriving them to earn their bread and butter. The video sends out a message that it is vital to not let anger consume your good judgment and cause irreparable damage to others.

Watch the witty music video here: