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Famous rapper and comedian, Ali Gul Pir is known for his comic timing and brutal honesty. He has successfully managed to entertain the masses with his original and promising content which is socially and politically relevant. This time around, his Twitter exchange with Bollywood actor, the recipient of Padmashri and ‘wannabe environmentalist’ (as per her Twitter bio), Kangana Ranaut is what made headlines!

Kangana has been posting multiple tweets following the international support Indian farmers have been receiving.

The actor, who supports the ruling Hindu nationalist BJP party, labelled Rihanna ‘a porn singer’ after she showed support to the cause. She also continued to call Jagmeet Singh, the leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party, a “terrorist”.

“This terrorist is porn singer Rihanna’s friend… he is accused of funding terroristic activities. There is a Khalistan in his head also. A porn star followed him and that’s his biggest achievement,” she wrote.


Puzzled and amused by Kangana’s latest antics, comedian Ali Gul Pir decided to intervene with a very relevant question.

“Porn singer? Is that a singer who makes music for porn films only,” he asked. “They will refuse to sing for normal films? Please explain further. I didn’t know such a niche existed, just curious.”

Kangana replied to the tweet in such detail that we’re baffled. Did she even get the sarcasm?

She explained that it is someone who can’t sell music without making it sensual/adult. Unlike classical and genuine singers where body is of no consequence.

“A porn singer is hugely dependent on his/her flesh show off, private parts exposure and mediocre talent. This makes them absolutely massy, and junk,” she added.


Ali took this as an opportunity to throw shade at the Indian actor who lives on negative publicity and controversies.

“Oh okay! I understand. Like someone who doesn’t have talent, hasn’t done much work and relies on controversy and putting people down to stay in the news. Thanks for clearing it out for me #GoKangana #DiePoorFarmers,” he concluded.



While it is a serious matter of concern, it’s hilarious to see such tweets surface on the internet from celebrities such as Kangana, who claim to be responsible and peace-loving.

Jagmeet Singh is one of the many who have raised concern about the violence against farmers in India. “Those calling to harm farmers must be held accountable and the right to peaceful protest must be protected,” he said last week and called on Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau to condemn the violence.



Grammy winner Rihanna, climate change activist Greta Thunberg and US lawyer and activist Meena Harris, the niece of Vice-President Kamala Harris, also raised their voice for the farmers who have been on a campaign against new laws.