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Ali Gul Pir is known to be brutally honest. No one is safe from his unfiltered views, be it the local waderay kay betay or even the neighbouring prime mister, Modi. While the act of calling them out so openly may appear a little too extreme and blunt to some, the point he tries to prove through his latest single ‘De Maar Saday Chaar’ cannot be argued.

‘De Maar Saday Chaar’ features a rap battle between the conservative and liberal extremists that exist in Pakistan. Each party thinks they’re right while pointing fingers at the other. However, truth is, they’re both pretty messed up. Like he says, “Peace can only come from moderation, extremes will only cause chaos.”

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Religious extremists are killing in the name of honour while liberals are wrapping men in women’s wear in the name of fashion. With prayer beads in the hand, they continue to misuse their power while on the other hand liberals will go to every extreme to justify merely anything.

Basically, everyone in the country has taken the law into their own hands. Ali Gul Pir highlights the height of intolerance in the country; killing in the name of honour while forgetting basic human values. If this continues we will only end up killing each other for absolutely nothing and that will probably be the end of Pakistan.

But what does ‘De Maar Saday Chaar’ actually mean?

It means ‘no holds barred’. In this context, Ali’s commenting on how there’s no tolerance and everyone’s just attacking each other without holding back.

Watch Ali Gul Pir’s new song ‘De Maar Saday Chaar’ below and tell us what you think: