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Ali Gul Pir’s latest stint in collaboration with SomeWhatSuper has left many people in tears. The good kind, which you get when you laugh too much. Pir stayed true to his style, which is tongue-in-cheek honesty and while the song is being politicized because of its dig at India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, at the end of it, the song is simply good fun. SomeWhatSuper usually make sensational electronic beats and this time, they’ve outdone themselves. ‘Modi Teri‘ isn’t simply hilarious, it sounds pretty damn good too.

While the song doesn’t have a video yet, it has reached new levels of virality, gaining over 250,000 views all over YouTube and Facebook in less than a week, with the numbers still growing rapidly. Something Haute got in touch with the singer to get his recipe on making viral content to which he cheekily answered “My formula for viral content is two potatoes sliced and diced, half kg of chopped livers and one kg of brutal honesty with a dash of humour.”

Pir usually makes someone or the other angry with his songs but unsurprisingly, Pakistanis have no objection to this rant against Modi. In fact, reactions so far across the border have been positive as well, with many Indians reaching out to Pir on Twitter, offering him meetings with Bollywood director Mahesh Bhatt (not from the director himself obviously.)

But one very interesting fan caught our eye. Most Pakistani politicians and celebrities have chosen to stay quiet regarding the cross border tension, therefore it’s unsurprising that nobody wants to publicly give their approval to ‘Modi Teri’, but Bilawal Bhutto Zardari is one of the few political personalities who has ‘liked’ the song.

The video comes out in a week or so, but till then, here’s the song: