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“Comedy is simply a funny way of being serious,” they say, and nobody knows it better than Ali Gul Pir!

Taking note of the myriad of celebrity images that we see every day on social media, Ali took the opportunity of really showing us what those photos look like to a common man – and oh boy, is it hilarious!

You thought Mawra and Urwa looked serene in their sister act? Well, Ali and Mooroo sure are giving them competition. Or how about Ayesha Omar’s sizzling ad for Pepe’s? Yeah, well, move over, Ayesha, you have been replaced!


Ali Gul Pir

Aaj blue hai pani pani pani pani pani pani….”


So, what exactly inspired Ali to do this? We asked him.

“I did it because I wanted to create comedy through images as I have done comedy through songs quite a bit and really wanted to try something different!” Ali told Something Haute. “Plus, recently I came across an image and thought to myself “this is absurd and therefore must be made fun of.”

Is anyone safe in the industry from this? Clearly not, and no one’s complaining.


Ali Gul Pir

Hai hai yeh majboori, yeh mausam aur yeh doori’


We also asked Ali which iconic image does he like best.

“My favourite has to be the one with Sadaf Kanwal – where she’s wet,” he said. “I had the most fun doing it because it was awkward and weird and the maali (who’s holding the hose) was like wtf is going on!”

Check out the all the hilarious iconic images:


Ali Gul Pir

‘Shaam hai dhuan dhuan


Ali Gul Pir

Be My Slave versus ‘Chal mere ghoray tik tik tik


Ali Gul Pir

Meri pyari beheniya baney gi dulhaniya


Ali Gul Pir

Phool aur kaante…nazar key teer’


Ali Gul Pir

Dhoop mein nikla na karo roop ki rani’


NOTE: We came up with the captions, in case someone gets offended!