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With women adding their own flair and design to their tailoring, the allure of unstitched fabrics is irreplaceable. Although unstitched lawn and winter collections will continue to root a special place in the hearts of most Pakistani women, the burgeoning trend of prêt à porter also holds a strong presence in the latest fashion trends.

Al Karam’s #Ilovepret collection is out now, to appeal to the tastes of women who want their attires ready-to-wear, crisp and chic. The prêt designs are innovated with colourful fusions this time, experimenting with a playful palette of dark blues, grass greens, pinks, dark purples and tinges of bright oranges.The digital prints explore feminine floral elements, chirps of birds, geometrical renditions amidst of intricate embroidery, making the kurtis a very becoming blend of contemporary and traditional.

With the summers still simmering the air and winter still at bay from the city, this prêt-wear is surely an impeccable choice of clothing for all occasions.

Here are few kurtis that we especially loved:


This Heritage kurti is our favourite hue of blue, brought to life by bright yellow embroidery and a geometrical daman. Pair it with your statement shades and a simple cross-body bag over a tulip shalwar and you’re good to go.



Throw some love around and channel your inner feminine side with this pretty pink Patary that is gentle on eyes. The gorgeous white embroidery enhances the front beautifully and melds perfectly with the pink.



Pret is for the win with this kurti featuring a digital blend of floral and geometric cuts lined linearly above the other.



Floral meets geometric again in labyrinthine, with traces of balanced reds, pink, browns, and purples in this refreshing green Foliage kurti. Pair it with a shalwar or snug pants and you’ll be feisty and fun for the occasion.



Look like a breath of fresh air, in another white-on-pink Aztec kurti from the collection. We just can’t have enough of the pinks can we? Love how the white stamps intricate digital designs on the bed of the sweetest-looking pink and an embroidered front.



Take the summery city in stride with hues of blues, punctuated with bold white geometric patterns in this Shibori kurti. Pair them with your brightest shoe-wears and turn heads.

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