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After it was reported that the Akshay Kumar and Rajnikanth starrer 2.0 might not release in Pakistan due to a lack of distributors, the film has now officially been cleared for screening in the country.

According to reports in The News International, Akshay Kumar’s sci-fi film was gived the green signal by the Central Board of Film Censors (CBFC) after it was reviewed by all CBFC members. The Punjab Film Censor Board (PFCB) has also cleared the film for release in Pakistan.

“All members came to a unanimous decision regarding the release of 2.0. We agreed on a universal rating for the film as we did not find anything objectionable within the content and everything was in line with our policy,” a CBFC official is reported to have said. “Therefore, all distributors are free to release the film without any cuts.”

He added, “PFCB and SFCB have followed our decision and also issued a universal certificate to the film after holding their respective meetings.”

The film is slated to release on November 30. As reported by the purchasing company, Distributors Club, 2.0 will be showcased on 75 screens across the country.