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The second episode of Tonite With HSY featured Aisha Khan, who was described as “Box office gold” and Azfar Rehman, who after this episode can easily be renamed “Disclaimer Rehman”. The second Episode concluded on a note that reassures the fact that Season 4 will be, if nothing else, really good television.

HSY didn’t beat around the bush and went straight in with Aisha Khan about the rumours that constantly surround the star, and no it was not her alleged “affiliation” with Humayun Saeed, which would have kept us on the edge of our seat but with her BFF Hamza Ali Abbasi. Although Aisha Khan was witty, smart, confident and looked better than ever, it was HSY that stayed in his element and was the fun, relaxed and funny Sheru we are so deeply fond of.

One best moment of this episode was when Aisha urged the viewers to not hate her because of how good looking her friends are (the logic behind that is lost on us as well) and quickly concluded her statement by telling all women on social media – those who keep on hating her for her non-existent but alleged romance with Hamza Ali Abbasi. She said that even if she isn’t with him, there isn’t much of a chance for all you ladies out there either. Touché Miss Aisha, touché.

Azfar Rehman was introduced ten minutes into the show and for most of the episode felt like the show’s eye candy, not that we’re complaining, but following up to an uncensored Aisha felt a little unfair to say the least. Azfar was asked about his ongoing tension with a co-star, Sohai Ali Aabroo, which he brushed off extremely diplomatically. No clear explanation was given, so what was the point of even bringing it up is what we’re wondering.

The second half of the episode had us rolling around in giggles as the stars on the couch really got comfortable and it looked like they were genuinely having fun. Azfar’s mimicry of Shahrukh was a hoot and a half.

In the rapid fire round, Aisha was the clear winner with her bold and honest answers (Azfar took home the Contradictions voucher) but the clear loser was Humaima Malick who was termed the worst Bollywood debut by both the stars. Now that is a story we’d like to talk to Humaima about!

We’d like to thank both of the stars for giving us a much needed laugh after everything that television has put us through all week. Signing off, until next Sunday…