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Velo Sound Station has brought in a fresh new energy to Pakistan’s music industry celebrating contemporary music that reflects today’s Pop culture in innovative ways.

Episode 2 was released on November 27th, 2020 on the Pop music platform’s associated YouTube channel. The Velo Sound Station mantle offers both established stars and upcoming musicians an opportunity to showcase new and original songs and express their signature style, presenting music fans an endless array of fresh and original hits and musical moods curated with high-impact style. For music lovers, it doesn’t get any better than this.

Known for music versatility, Aima Baig has been making waves with her voice in TV commercial jingles, drama OSTs, movies soundtracks among other projects. She is the nightingale that shines brightly on the Pakistani music industry canvas and her singing prowess is beyond measure. After giving us melodious numbers like Kalabaaz Dil (Lahore Se Aagey) and Kaif O Suroor (Na Maloom Afraad 2), the songstress recently mesmerized audiences with a Latin-sounding “original” titled “Te Quiero Mucho” for Velo Sound Station. The best thing about Aima’s vocal range is that her musical style is eclectic and adaptable and she successfully rendered a fresh new Latin American sound, encouraged and mentored by Velo Sound Station.


Velo Sound Station


Te Quiero Mucho” translates into ‘I love you so much’ and just like the Spanish title lyrics, the number has a sensual Latin vibe which is fused seamlessly with desi melodies. “When Bilal Maqsood presented the song ‘Te Quiero Mucho‘, written by Anwar Maqsood sahib, composed by Bilal and produced by Ahsan Pervaiz, I could not say no! Furthermore, when Bilal explained the concept of Velo Sound Station I immediately loved it and felt an instant spark of excitement,” Aima says sharing her Velo sound station experience. Talking about the song, Aima says: “ Te Quiero Mucho” revolves around a girl’s apology to her love. Usually the boy offers apologies but here my character is the one crooning apologetic gestures”. Speaking about her performance which was smouldering, Aima shared her concerns “I was comfortable with the Latin sound as I am known to be able to bend my own voice for different requirements, but it was quite risky to render the song in the sensual manner that I did, knowing the mindset of our populace. It was way out of my comfort zone but the final result came out really well and the feedback has been great,” Aima adds.

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Anyone who has seen Aima perform “Te Quiero Mucho” on Velo Sound station stage may have wondered about her edgy styling. Aima was styled by her perennial go-to costume and wardrobe stylist Mavi Kayani, who dressed her in a shimmery heavily sequined black off-the-shoulder top; pairing it with sleek black jeans and red ankle boots. This look was accentuated with a black strip neck-choker and a large red rose pinned into her loose, wavy hair. This appearance was artfully mirrored by an oversize crimson rose shown on the LED screen behind her. “I loved how Mavi styled me. She transformed me into a ‘Chica!’ (Spanish female friend),” Aima says. Aima’s sensual-chic look which took her out of her comfort zone is yet another example of how Velo Sound Station is pushing boundaries and allowing artists to express themselves both musically and stylistically.

Te Quiero Mucho” has so already  garnered over 5.3 million views on YouTube so in case you have missed out, hurry and watch it here: