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It may come as a surprise to many but men’s exposure to beauty and skincare isn’t limited to colognes and moisturizers anymore. As male-grooming becomes more culturally acceptable worldwide (like it should me), more men are inclined to back skincare brands, not just for sponsorships but also to adapt a healthy skincare routine. Renowned actor and former model Aijaz Aslam has also expanded his horizon in 2020 with his foray into the beauty industry with his eponymous label of a herbal skincare range.

In an exclusive chat with Something Haute, Aijaz shared at length how he got interested in the field and what motivated him to launch beauty products.

“I was always into healthy eating and natural products; people always ask me this question that how do I keep myself fit and healthy. My big idea behind ‘Aijaz Aslam’ (the brand) is to motivate people to use quality local products and feel proud about it. I will only associate with brands who are making top quality products for manufacturing my products. It took me a year to develop these products; I have started with a herbal skin and hair care product range which is very effective. I plan to keep on adding more variants every quarter,” Aijaz said.

Aijaz has been a part of the industry for almost three decades, but like some of his fellow actors namely Adnan Siddiqui, he has maintained a charming on-screen presence over the years. The secret of it lies in is his healthy choices and he suggests the same for everyone.

“Some products are unique like face mist and hair mist; they have all the best extracts to keep your skin and hair healthy, nothing similar is available in spray forms. Other products have gold extract and sylver flakes which are anti-ageing and rejuvenate skin from within, if used regularly,” he explained while talking about the USP of his products.



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The actor belongs to a medium that relies heavily on visuals and looks are a prerequisite nowadays in media. What will be his top 3 skin and hair care advices for men?

“I think men are equally aware of healthy lifestyle and take good care of themselves. Our products are unisex and the beard cream has an amazing texture and fragrance and keeps the skin underneath healthy while nourishing the beard which also promotes hair growth. This is a combination of essential oils and herbal extracts which is very effective,” he said adding, “men who don’t take care of themselves should start with healthy eating, exercise and take care of their skin and hair if they don’t want to look older than their actual age.”

Talking about what challenges he is expecting for his brand, Aijaz seems hopeful that there is always demand for good products.

“I believe if the product is good, people will start recommending it to others; that’s what makes the brand grow successfully. I have worked hard to develop such products which are natural, effective and harmless.”

Now that he is in the beauty industry, what more can we expect from him in the future?

“As I said earlier that my big idea is to motivate and encourage people to have confidence in locally-made top quality products. My online website will offer many other things in future from clothing and accessories to food supplements; products which people can relate with me, be it fashion, health or more,” he concluded.