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Every actor dreams of being cast as a hero, the central protagonist of the story. Ahsan Khan is an artist who has been around for a while and has won the audience with his positive characters, however, as the villain in Udaari and now in Qayamat, he seems to have gained more appreciation as an actor than ever before.

Qayamat ‘finally’ concluded last week, and the last two episodes kept trending on YouTube. While some viewers might have reservations regarding the length of the play or the depth of the script, it did give a strong message in the end. Rashid, played by Ahsan, was not forgiven by either Ifrah (Neelam Muneer) or Samra (Amar Khan) who makes a surprise appearance in the finale episode.



The drama did not end like a fairytale and every character suffered the consequence of his/her actions. For example, Ifrah doesn’t return to Jawwad (Haroon Shahid), which shows and teaches women to not go back to weak men who refuse to put up a fight or take a stand for them. Despite the flaws in Neelam’s acting, the strength that her character portrayed was noteworthy and a lesson for women who rely on men for support and saving.

Everything aside, everyone praised Ahsan’s powerful performance, stating that he has, in fact, broken his own previous records in terms of performance.



“For an actor, the real achievement real satisfaction is when people love you and they love your character, they live with it and take it seriously,” shared Ahsan in an exclusive chat with Something Haute. “I have experienced this so many times in my career, may it be Udaari, Dastaan, my PTV dramas, Alif, or may it be Qayamat now. My force and energy comes from the audience.”

The star shared that creative freedom is crucial in this field and he is grateful to have worked with people who allow him to experiment with his characters without interference.



Ahsan appreciates and applauds the producers, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi and director, Ali Faizan for giving him this opportunity.

“When an actor experiments and checks his own range and diversity, let him do it. That is how an actor grows and that is how the industry grows,” he said sharing that he’s very thankful and humbled by the trust and love he receives.

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Enjoying the response to his hard work, the actor shares that he is overwhelmed. “I just want to send this message to my fans that whatever I am, it is because of their love and support. My energy is a reflection of the energy I receive from my friends and fans. I derive energy to perform from my fans.”



Multitalented star Ahsan Khan manages to stay in the spotlight all year round, and now that Qayamat has concluded we look forward to his next powerful performance.