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Ahsan Khan has always been in the news for all the right reasons, whether it’s his performance as the not-so-right Pa Imtiaz in Udaari or his frequent social work. These days the limelight is shining on him for his upcoming film, Chupan Chupai, which he is promoting with costar Neelam Muneer and a recent interview he gave made headlines for all the wrong reasons. It basically suggested that Ahsan Khan felt that Neelum Muneer was ‘more beautiful than Mahira Khan and more talented than Saba Qamar’.

Read: “Neelam Muneer is more beautiful than Mahira and more talented than Saba” – Ahsan Khan

In a quick conversation with Something Haute, discussing the story at hand, Ahsan clarified that his words had been taken out of context and this is not what he had said.

“I respect Mahira and Saba for their immense talent and beauty,” he said. “They are as good as any Bollywood or Hollywood actor and they are friends too.”

“I just said that after working with Neelam I realised that she is very talented too,” he continued. “I just praised her and said that given the same kind of opportunities (as Mahira and Saba) in India, Neelam would shine too.”

It’s true that Neelam Muneer is quite impressive in the trailer of Chupan Chupai but we’ll have to see the film to decide whether she’s as good as Ahsan says she is…we certainly hope so!