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Actor and director Yasir Nawaz’s upcoming thriller-comedy Chakkar has been the talk of the town for its ever-changing cast. Latest news is that it will feature Ahsan Khan as the lead actor, however the question is who’s the female lead in the film?

Earlier it was revealed that Mawra Hocane and Feroze Khan will star as the lead pair, later Feroze dropped out and rumours of Imran Abbas signing the film surfaced. However now we have final confirmations that Ahsan has joined the cast as the actor confirmed it in a recent interview.

“I was always Nida and Yasir’s [Nawaz] first choice for the lead,” Ahsan Khan confirmed adding, “Nida had asked me if I was interested in playing the lead when she and Yasir came on my show months ago. [The husband and wife duo] gave off good vibes.”

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Ahsan did not reveal much about his character and only shared that he playing the main lead, Kabir. The actor added that his admiration for Yasir Nawaz’s direction along with filmmaker and distributor, Satish Anand’s association with the project are some of the reasons he has signed up for the upcoming movie.

Chakkar will be Yasir Nawaz’s fourth film, with Wrong No.,Wrong No.2 and Mehrunisa V Lub U to his credit. Now that the film’s male lead has been confirmed, we wonder if Mawra is still the part of the project or not?

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