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We bumped into Ahsan Khan at the trailer launch of upcoming animation, Tick Tock, in which the Udaari actor has lent his voice to a teenage protagonist, but when in conversation, we couldn’t help ask him about his other upcoming project, Aangan.

There are a lot of expectations tied with Aangan. For one, it’s an adaptation of Khadija Mastoor’s award winning novel of the same name and is being developed for TV by Ehtashamuddin. The cast is stellar and has some of the biggest names you can expect: there’s the lead, Ahsan Khan, apparently in double role (if it follows the story), we have Mawra Hocane as well as Sonya Hussyn. Then there’s post Yakeen Ka Safar favourites: Sajal Aly and Ahad Raza Mir, who have officially become the most loved onscreen couple there is.

We were curious to know who we’re going see Ahsan star opposite, and without revealing much, he stated, “I’m not with Sajal at all, but you could pair me up with Mawra, Sonya and another girl.”

Three girls? We were intrigued. Who could this other girl be? Uzma Hassan is also on the cast so it got us thinking.



Without revealing more about his role, Ahsan gave us a tiny lead on Ahad and Sajal’s chemistry in the play.

“The two are a hot favourite among the younger generation and even though I haven’t had scenes with them yet, I can say for the entire cast, that it’s wonderful! Each character is crafted in such a way that it’s unique and special in its own way. They’re not the typical run of the mill characters. If you’ve read the novel, you’ll know what I’m talking about.”

“We’re still shooting and I haven’t worked with everyone yet,” he continued. “It’s all work in progress right now.  However, I love  Zaib Rehman and Abid Ali’s characters the most,” he added.

Curious to know whether it was his patriotic nature and wanting to do more for the history of Pakistan (like he said during the trailer launch of Tick Tock) or simply it being a great project that he signed Aangan?

“It’s good to be patriotic and to stay true to your roots but Aangan is not about Pakistan or partition. The story is set up in the pre-partition time but is basically a family drama. I love working with Ehtesham Bhai, and MD productions. I’m still shooting and it’s a lot of fun,” he said.



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Stay tuned to find out more about the progress and status of the upcoming period play Aangan that has everyone impatient and excited.