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Fakhr-e-Alam is off to a pretty daring adventure. He’s all set to circumnavigate the globe, and if successful, he’d become the first Pakistani ever to accomplish this feat.

“Dear all I am happy to report to you all today that after 3 years of a lot of hard work & persistence #MissionParwaaz my attempt to circumnavigate the globe is finally happening. If I succeed I will become the 1st Pakistani in the history of the world to do so,” he wrote.


In another instance, Ali Zafar tweeted that he may or may not come back from his China adventure.

“My lovely twitter family. I am off to the mystic mountains of China. (Always wanted to). May or may not come back 😉 my team will keep you updated from here on. Love, Ali,” he tweeted.


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Seeing these two in action, actor Ahmed Ali Butt said he’d attempt something even more daring. “Since @falamb3 flying around the globe & @AliZafarsays going on Chinese mountain, i am also going to do something brave and daring… watch Sahir lodhi’s #raasta online…Btw Good luck guys. #bravepakistanis,” he wrote on Twitter.



If you’ve seen Raasta, you will probably understand what Ahmad means, right? Anyway we wish them all good luck!