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The country’s latest heart throb, Ahad Raza Mir is in the news for all the right reasons these days. His big breakthrough, Yakeen Ka Safar put him on the map, his debut film Parwaz Hai Junoon releases this weekend, he’s landed all the right commercials including Coke – which has come with a singing stint on Coke Studio – and there’s enough interest in his love life to keep fans obsessed with him and his “special” co-star Sajal Aly without there being any scandal. It reads like a very carefully scripted career launch, if we didn’t know better.

We’re looking forward to seeing Ahad in the upcoming period play, Aangan, but beyond that, he says he’s taking a break from the limelight. Ahad has taken on the task of being Executive Producer on one of his father’s productions. Beyond that, he says he will be returning to Toronto for theatre.

In a recent interview with Instep, the actor has confirmed that he will be returning to Toronto for a production of Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

“I’ve already started memorizing; I think it’s going to be a three-hour production. It’s terrifying and we’re now at this place where sometimes people say Shakespeare is irrelevant, but we can learn a lot about storytelling, composition and characters,” Ahad confirmed the news.

“I’ve done a lot of my education in Shakespeare and taking on the role of Hamlet is big for me since I’ll be returning to the stage after almost a three-year gap. And the Shakespeare-company I work with in Canada has called me many times and it shows their level of commitment to me,” he added. “I think it’ll also be a very interesting experience for the South Asian community in Canada to see an actor they’ve seen on TV up-close and in person.”