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The Lux Style Awards are known to be the biggest award ceremony in Pakistan, meant to celebrate and honour the entertainment industry – and this year seemed no different. However, what happens when an experienced actor like Naumaan Ijaz feels dishonoured and disrespected? Are the awards then really living up to their expectations?

After the actor took to Twitter to vent out, Something Haute got in touch to hear more about his concerns.

“It’s not about the award or the trophy, it’s about respect. Why do you think so many senior artists avoid these award shows?” Naumaan said. “It’s because they aren’t given the respect they deserve. Also, it’s not about a senior actor losing to a newcomer. I’m very happy for Ahad, he’s like a son to me and I wish him all the success to reach greater heights in his career. All I talk about is logic and common sense!”



The actor, who was nominated with Mohsin Abbas Haider, Imran Abbas, Adnan Siddiqui, and Ahad Raza Mir, felt that it isn’t right to have senior actors in the same category as budding ones.

“It’s wonderful to appreciate new talent but how about you create more categories? Line up the new boys and make them compete for best-emerging talent or for the best acting debut,” he said. “It will definitely be more fair and inclusive that way. But placing a newcomer in the same category as a senior who has been around for so long is just ridiculous.”

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Adding further on not being nominated for Sang e Mar Mar, Naumaan said, “ Saife Hassan won the best director for Sang E Mar Mar while Mustafa Afridi won the best writer then how was that not the best drama? How do you think the drama did well without the actors? Forget me, but Sania Saeed who plays her character to perfection was given no recognition either!”

Noman Ijaz

The actor also disagreed with the criteria of his nomination for his role in Pinjari. 

“Secondly, why would they nominate me for Pinjari in which I hardly had any scenes and not for Sang e Mar Mar which basically revolved around my character according to the makers themselves?” he asked in confusion.

Naumaan – who still holds several reservations against the awards, feels that it can only work if few things are rectified in the future.

“Add more categories. Add a jury award and a popular choice award,” he said. “Learn to give respect. Also, if you’re honouring a senior actor then make sure you’re doing it right. I wouldn’t want a newcomer half my age presenting me an award. I would want it from someone I look up to and see as an icon.”

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In the end, the actor feels that he has more than just awards to look forward to. His fans are his ‘awards.’

“My work speaks for me, my fans are my award and reward. We are organic actors, not dependent on paid publicity,” Naumaan reiterated. “Our work used to be shown in India and their actors were taught and trained through our dramas/plays. I’m not known for the number of followers on my social media pages.”