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Just when you thought things were getting cold, have we got some news for you or what! Ahad Raza Mir, who has quickly become the heart throb for millions of fans both here in Pakistan and abroad, has been keeping a secret from all of us and we’re not happy about that. His younger brother Adnan is turning out to be quite a contender to Ahad’s new found heart throb title. Adnan, who is studying film making in Canada, is quickly gaining equal popularity on social media. We can’t comment on whether or not we will be seeing him on TV but we can sure as hell hope, can’t we. We don’t know whether the boy can act but at this point, who cares?



We’re not ones to have a fan moment so soon but we would happily endorse that T-Shirt, wouldn’t you?




Are there any other ‘Raza Mir’ siblings that we should know about?



We can rest assured that there will be no sibling rivalry between the two. Here we see Adnan perfectly address an aloo keema query regarding Ahad to one of Ahad’s fan pages on social media. Can our new favorite heart throb not be so perfect?



We’re getting major Prince Charming vibes here and we’ll be glued to our Instagram for more updates. Who’s with us?