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Ahad Raza Mir and Sajal Aly are currently the most beloved onscreen couple on both sides of the border. While they were already famous as a real and reel life couple, their fame has reached new heights through the work they have done together, establishing them as a power couple.

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When it comes to this IT jori, fans are always eager to know what they’re up to; be it their personal lives, or professional. Last night, Ahad tagged his wife and onscreen sweetheart, Sajal and mentioned that there are a lot of options, yet he’s unsure which to pick.



Like every wife, Sajal was quick to respond to her husband’s story stating that she knows exactly what option is the best. “When it comes to selecting the best, I already know the answer,” she wrote. And that is quite obvious how she selected the best groom in town *wink*.



The Instagram banter soon caught everyone’s attention and fans started wondering what they were talking about. Are Sajal and Ahad talking about another drama or film together? Are the two looking for the best script with the best director? However, this has confirmed that the two make mutual decisions in life and we’re excitedly looking forward to what’s in store this time.

Stay tuned to find out.