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Every time the world has witnessed wars and conflicts, the victims have mostly been women. Either used as a tool to avenge defeat or captured and raped to prove strength, the cruel exploitation, and abuse of women continues till today. Therefore, Ghughi raises an important question – why must a woman always be sacrificed at the altar of a man’s ego or his thirst for revenge?

Ghughi means ‘dove’ but is also used as a term to show affection for girls. “It is dedicated to all the Ghughis (From 1947’s Nimmo to 2018’s Zainab) who suffered agony and hardships but became the epitome of strength, endurance, and power for womanhood,” said Ammar Khan, the fresh new talent and female lead, at TDF Ghar for a press meet for the show. With the Quaid’s tomb in the background, the event was giving major partition feels.



The period play is based on Amrita Pritam’s timeless masterpiece Pinjar, which has won many awards for its realistic and heartwrenching portrayal of an innocent young girl kidnapped to avenge a family’s honour. Many women could readily identify with the protagonist Nirmala and the torment she suffered.

Amar recited Amrita’s poetry that talks about the horror of the much-celebrated independence giving goosebumps to all.

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Ghughi is a story of passionate love, unbridled hate, and vicious enmity. Set against the violent upheaval of partition, the serial has many soul-stirring songs and glimpses of the vibrant culture of the subcontinent. It is not about Muslims or Hindus, it’s not about the differences; it’s about humans and their emotions, Adnan Siddiqui explained at the event.




Written by Amina Mufti and directed by Iqbal Husain, Ghughi stars Adnan Siddiqui along with Amar Khan and Hamza Firdous in lead roles. It does look promising, but the first episode will prove the hype right or wrong. It is a big budget production, we have been told, the actors are all superb and the story is stellar. We hope the execution lives up to expectations.

The first episode of Ghughi will air on 25th January, Thursday at 8:00 pm on TvOne.