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After presenting the poster for his upcoming play, Ghughi, Adnan Siddiqui has now shared the first teaser of what seems to be an intriguing show exploring the underbelly of the Partition.

Based during the era of independence in the Subcontinent, Adnan took to Instagram to write about the show.

“The serial shall be based on Amrita Pritam’s despair account of the massacre during the 1947’s partition,” he wrote. “She vehemently spoke about the violence against women of all cast & creed leading to a total disbelief in the word humanity.”

Indeed, the teaser too, paints a dark picture of reality. Much like the horror faced during Partition being told through generations, the show is all set to bring the harsh reality to our television sets. By the looks of it, we have a reason to believe that Adnan Siddiqui will be playing an antagonist in the show. What else could possibly be the reason behind the bride’s traumatic response?

Produced by Adnan Siddiqui’s Cereal Productions, the show will air on TVOne.

Check out the teaser here and tell us what you think: