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After mesmerising listeners for over three decades, Strings, one of Pakistan’s most beloved bands comprising two key members, Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia has now disbanded. The news of them officially ending their musical journey came as a shock to devoted fans including several celebrities.

Among the many celebrity fans is actor Adnan Siddiqui who shares a heartfelt tribute on Instagram. “A friend’s tribute,” he wrote.

“Millions of us are still anguished with Strings ending their divinely gifted partnership of more than three decades. An entire generation grew up on their legendary music. Whether it was the first brush of love, careless abandon of youth, heartbreak or experiments with finding our calling — Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia were always there with their symphonies, ballads, rock songs et al,” Adnan shared.




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He shared his emotions in the post, cherishing the memories they had made together.

“I also overcome with a flurry of emotions and gush of memories as I see them going their own way. My personal and professional association with them dates back to the late 80s, almost from the time Strings made a splash in the world of Pakistani music for the first time.”

Adnan shared that his first performance with them was in 1989 during a stage show at Funland where they played Maine Tujhe Kabhi Dekha Na Tha.



From then on, Adnan was a regular presence in their music. “I think I would be the most common face in their videos!”

Along with the note, the actor attached a rare music video for the fans to cherish.

“The song is Aaj Main Khudi Say Ladta Gaya. The year was 1993. Bilal decided to expand his genius to direction, but more so to give me orders and directions. Natasha and I shot it at Hawk’s Bay and Gwadar desert in Balochistan. A rather bold video for its time with animal carcass and snakes featuring along with two good looking people and a very hummable song.”



Humbled by the gesture, Faisal Kapadia responded to the post. “Time really flies and its been amazing knowing you for all these years Adnan Siddiqui. Thank you for always being there.”